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Diamond Core Bits - Custom Line

MATRIX TECHNOLOGY™ is the combination of decades of experience and expertise combined with state of the art technology and manufacturing processes that bring great products to the pro-cutter marketplace. 

K2 Diamond's Custom Built Line of Core Bits

The K2 Custom Built Line of core bits are engineered to fit your exact need of speed, life, power and budget. We have the ability to offer you a number of specifications, grades, configurations, styles and combinations that will insure your best cost per foot in any drilling application.

Gold Core Bits

This bit is designed for use on all types of core drill. 

These bits are ideal for non-reinforced or light to medium-reinforced concrete applications. This is also an excellent grade for large diameter core bits. 

Available from 1" diameters and up.

Spider Back Design for lightweight use and maximum cooling
Viper Core Bits
Viper Jumbo Core Bits
Viper Extra Core Bits

The Viper Line of custom built core bits work well on all types of core drills. They are great for all diameters and excellent for larger diameter holes that require top performance. 

Available from 1/2" and up. 

Viper Designed Diamond Core Bits
Platinum Core Bits
Platinum Jumbo Core Bits
Platinum Extra Core Bits

The Platinum line of core bits are designed for drilling holes in highly reinforced concrete, such as that found in bridge decks and other fortified structures. These core bits have high concentrations of diamonds with proven bonds that allow fast drilling and long life. 

These core bits are designed for all types of core drills and offer excellent performance on medium to small diameter ole requirements. 

Available from 1/2" and up.

Platinum and Jumbo Sized Diamond Core Bits
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