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High Speed Hand Saw Blades

K2 DIAMOND has a complete line of High Speed Hand Saw Diamond Blades for cutting concrete. These blades come in both segmented and turbo styles.

MATRIX TECHNOLOGY™ is the combination of decades of experience and expertise, combined with state of the art technology and manufacturing processes that bring great products to the Pro-Cutter market-place.

The segmented High Speed Hand Saw blades are designed for great speed and long life. They work well on gas, electric, air and hydraulic hand saws. These blades come in 4" diameters up to 20" diameters. You will find a tremendous selection of bond hardness and grades to fit any application or budget. 

The Turbo Style High Speed Hand Saw Blades are designed for maximum speed and smooth cutting performance. Specifications range from every-day service blades to high performance blades. We have a wide variety of grades and bond hardnesses for you to choose from, to fit any sawing application or budget. Sizes range from 4" to 16" diameters.

Blazin High Speed Hand Saw Blade

The New Blazin High Speed Hand Saw Blade cuts like a turbo blades, but has the life of a segmented blade.


It is a multi-purpose blade, good for cured concrete, asphalt, brick and block. This blades works well for hand saws and walk behind blades. 

  • Super Fast Cutting

  • Great Life

  • Cuts a variety of materials

  • Available in sizes 14" to 24"

Blazin High Speed Hand Saw Blade
BR / BRT High Speed Hand Saw Blades

The BR and BRT blades are Low-Cost, High-Performance, general purpose concrete segmented hand saw high speed blade.

The BRT is the same blade as the BR but in a turbo segment for increased cutting speed. ​​

  • Available in sizes 12"-14"

Br and BRT style blades K2 Diamond
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