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Diamond Core Bits

Wet Cutting

K2 Diamond's Performance Line of Core Bits offers great performance, on every bit for every pro cutter. The Performance Line Core Bits are designed with a general purpose bond and multiple grades to fit most all applications and budgets. 

New and existing customer may contact your sales rep for pricing and availability, or call 1-800-539-6116 for immediate assistance. 

Bronze Bomber Core Bits

Professional grade, Fast Cutting, good life and very competitively priced.

The Bronze Bomber professional grade, segmented core bit are engineered to provide professional cutters with excellent value and excellent performance in all kinds of cured concrete drilling applications. 

*Available in sizes 3/4" to 14" diameters. 

*Please note that this bit is only available with BIA backends and standard   drill lengths.

Razor Cut Core Bits

This core bit has a patented "razor cut" segment that makes this core bit a faster starter,mn with great performance and long life as well. 

*Available in 2" to 24" Diameters

Super Red Silver Core Bits | Super Red Gold Core Bits | Super Red Pro Core Bits 

Professional grade, fast cutting and good life. Select from the three Super Red varieties to meet your need. 

Super Red Silver

  • .300" Tall

  • Available from 1" to 24" diameters

  • General Purpose Bond

Super Red Gold

  • .300" Tall

  • Available from 1/2" to 24" Diameters

  • Most popular core bit for Pro Drillers in everyday drilling applications

  • Great performance and great value. 

Super Red Pro

  • .350" Tall

  • Available from 1/2" to 24" Diameters 

  • Great performance and long life.

ZZ Top Turbo Core Bits

Professional grade, fast cutting, good life, turbo segmented core bits.

The ZZ Top Segmented Core Turbo Bits have a unique segmented design, engineered for smooth easy starting, fast penetrations creates and prolonged bit life. In addition the grooved bit barrel channels the cuttings and slurry for improved removal and less bit drag. 

*Available from 1" to 14" diameters.

Turbo Core Bits

Professional grade, fast cutting, good life, turbo segmented core bits.

The Turbo Core Bits are great for everyday drilling applications and are typically used where the Pro Driller is looking for increase speed. 

*Available from 2" up to 14" diameters.

MAX 2 Core Bit

Professional grade, for heavy duty coring applications.

The MAX 2 Core Bit is engineered to be resilient in tough applications, defiant when the drilling gets treacherous and unyielding when the conditions would destroy most bits. It uses an extremely effective design for maximum performance in very tough conditions and cutting all rep stressed concrete applications. 

*Available from 2" up to 12" diameters. 

Thin Walled Core Bits

Professional grade, fast cutting. Designed for use on handheld drills.

The Thin Walled Core Bits have an overall lighter weight than a standard core bit tube and therefore are a better fit for hand held drilling. Also the thin wall design has less drag and therefore makes for a faster cutting bit. 

*Available from 1" up to 6" diameters

** Threads under 2" available in 5/8-11 threads BIA only. 

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