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Rebar Eater

K2 Diamond goes above and beyond the expectations of a professional contractor in delivering a wide array of diamond tools for multiple locations. This also included a custom designed and built " Rebar Eater" to get this customer out of a pinch!

Here Telecom Services, Inc. was not just looking for diamond tools to cut and drill some concrete...they were looking for a partner. But not just any partner. They were looking for a partner that valued the same goals that they value themselves, which simply stated is to continually exceed the needs and expectations of their customers. Thus Herca turned to K2 Diamond for a variety of diamond core bits for use on a larger multi city constructions project.

Encountering a unique problem.

Here Telecom was tasked with replacing a long piece of 2 1/2" diameter piece of rebar, that was encased in a concrete slab (the base of a heavy duty communications tower). For certain reasons, the rebar needed to be retro-fitted with a similar galvanized piece of rebar. Once a hole was drilled around the rebar, the remain rebar needed to be extracted.

A unique Problem needs a unique solutions.

The contractor tasked K2 Diamond with finding a solution for removing the rebar. In our corporate headquarters, out engineers designed what is now called the Rebar Eater. Suffice to say the Rebar Eater was a success and much to the delight of our customer the problem was solved.

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